Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Moon

We had our first dusting of snow this morning and that fit the mood of the hand stitched piece I have been creating, which is centered around a winter moon. Both of the photos show a part of the whole. For me, this time of the year holds both a slowing down to reflect and a rising culmination of celebration. I've been thinking about how I like to work by following my intuition and it occurred to me that this is why I generally start playing with the materials without pre-planning or making sketches. If I wanted to replicate or capture the essence of let's say a pinecone - then I might explore photos of them, examine actual cones or draw one. But what I'm after is what I don't yet know - I want to be surprised by what emerges, not have a plan. This takes alot of trust and being with the pleasure of the process, rather then being invested in an outcome. Also at this time of the year, I begin to think about what I might like to focus on for the year ahead - a rough plan that is not meant to limit my creating, but to deepen with it and keep it alive. So there's a kind of tension between staying with what wants to emerge and also having a larger vision. I notice how many aspects of fibre art interest me - dyeing, felting, piecing, handstitch, etc. - and I think switching between them is enlivening. I also think of how, if I limited myself, I might explore deeper aspects of one or a few techniques, which may offer greater growth. I don't have answers for now and that's okay, because I trust they will arrive - like the dormant seeds waiting in the dark underground that will one day greet the sun .


Sharon Churchill said...

Just amazed at all the work you have done this year Yvonne both on your blog but especially your art. You must be working pretty much full time and I admire your passion. All the best for the next year and a continuation of your artistic journey.

Yvonne said...

Thanks very much Sharon - what we admire in others, we have within ourselves :) Have you started a blog?