Saturday, August 16, 2014


After what seemed like endless days of hot, bright weather
a shift took place
 after the full moon -
 a muting and softening of colours

 in nature's gallery.
I sat at Gage Gallery two days and enjoyed the steady stream of friends and visitors.

Now I am back to work in the studio and my palette has followed the weather...


Lesley Turner said...

I too felt the change. We had our first dew this morning. It has sent me back into the studio after 7 weeks out.

Yvonne said...

Fall has the 'back to school, fresh new year for learning' feel, for me. I bet you are really glad to get back to your art!

Joe Madl said...

a shift is occurring here in montana, as well. though a subtle one. a few weeks of blistering heat has given way to more tolerable temperatures. a sense of needing to stitch is coming back into my fingers. i love your new palette.